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Infant Program/ Zareinu Thrive
Zareinu’s Infant Program helps infants form the developmental building blocks necessary for growth and development, both physically and psychologically. Therapists work individually with students and parents to develop close and caring relationships that help families continue to facilitate their children’s growth at home.

Zareinu Excel: Early Childhood Centre of Excellence
Zareinu creates a play-based learning environment with which to support the social, emotional and academic growth of children ages 2-5. This approach emphasizes the development of literacy/communication skill, and early math skills, as well as helping young children learn how to work and play cooperatively with one another.

Zareinu operates satellite classrooms within typical Jewish Day Schools across Toronto for students with moderate disabilities. Currently Zareinu has classrooms at Eitz-Chaim, Netivot Ha’torah, Ner Yisroel and Yisodei Ha’torah with plans to continue expanding into other schools. These classrooms support students who currently cannot otherwise be accommodated within the typical Jewish Day School system.
Within these classrooms students continue to receive individualized programs developed to meet their needs, alongside opportunities to be included into typical classroom settings. Benefits to this system also include families being able to keep all their children within the same school and all children in this setting are able to learn more about diversity.

Zareinu Connect
Zareinu’s team of exceptionally qualified staff are now available to provide one-on-one therapies and interventions to students with specific needs, within their typical everyday school environment. Zareinu’s services are available to schools in both the private and public sector as an agency to provide direct and consultative services including occupational, speech and behavioural therapies.