Smart Guess Seder Game: Passover Snakes and Matza Ladders

Morah Nancy and Morah Rochel adapted the classic Snakes and Ladders game for a fun activity to keep children busy and engaged during the holiday. Have fun and Happy Passover! Download and print everything you need to play BEFORE the holiday begins. PRINTABLE PDF includes printable game board, instructions and questions that need to be cutout.

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Virtual Family Field Trips

Just because we have to stay home doesn't mean we can't explore! Check out our monthly calendars of virtual field trips for the whole family. April 2020

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KCC’s Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

March 31, 2020 The COVID-19 crisis has been the single greatest challenge Kayla's Children Centre has ever faced in serving children with special needs and who are medically fragile. The complete removal of, or lack of access to KCC’s services would have been detrimental to many families. Fortunately, the organization has been deemed an essential workplace and can continue to operate under legislated exemptions to support families and help mitigate risk, setbacks and loss of skills as a result of the school and therapy clinic closure. Most students continue to learn and receive therapy virtually, through Google Classrooms, Zoom lessons, and telehealth sessions. There are some who are not [...]

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Using Visual Schedules to Create Predictability and Routine

March 26, 2020 Being able to follow a schedule is an important skill for every child and can be more challenging for children with special needs. At KCC visual schedules are used everyday as an effective tool in developing this skill in students of all ages and abilities. Now more than ever, predictability and routine are important in getting kids (and ourselves!) through an uncertain time. Click here to download a visual schedule that you can use at home to help create structure and ease anxiety that may develop due to changes in expectations and routines. Why use a visual schedule? A visual schedule will let your child know [...]

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UPDATE: March 25, 2020 Based on recommended best practices in containing community spread, along with the recently imposed measures from all levels of government, KCC has made the difficult but necessary decision to CANCEL this year’s annual golf tournament that was to take place on Tuesday, May 19. At this time, KCC’s other annual events – Ride for KCC Moveathon and Family Colour Run (June 14), KCC Muskoka Pro-Am (Aug 16 & 17) and Gala Dinner (November) – are being evaluated. The decision to cancel was not made lightly. As a non-profit, KCC relies on community support for funds that help ensure we can continue to deliver vital programs [...]

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Building Skills and Confidence Through Adapted Sports

Building Skills and Confidence Through Adapted Sports December 6, 2019 The Recreation Program at Kayla’s Children Centre (KCC) combines fun with a focus on self-regulation, therapeutic play and building confidence and social skills through activities, music therapy, our sensory gym and Snoezelen room. The program serves children with diverse needs and abilities, many of whom have typical siblings who enjoy activities like hockey, martial arts and skating. Concerned that their children with special needs be given equal opportunity to participate in the same types of activities as their siblings – in a supportive setting conducive to their needs – many parents approached KCC recreation program coordinator, Sarg Lamberger, about the [...]

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Making the Everyday Possible

Making the Everyday Possible October 31, 2019 Kayla’s Children Centre (KCC) prides itself as a one-stop resource for families of children with special needs, providing cutting-edge education, therapy, recreation and respite programs all in our newly renovated state-of-the-art facility in Thornhill, Ontario. KCC's team of therapists comprises speech and language pathologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, behavioural therapists and music therapists who work closely with classroom and camp staff to ensure therapeutic interventions are embedded throughout the day. Paediatric occupational therapists (OTs) help children with different abilities develop skills to perform activities that make up everyday life such as play, self-help, motor and sensory processing skills, eating and printing. KCC's team of [...]

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Little snoozing in the Snoezelen Room

Little Snoozing in the Snoezelen Room September 2, 2019 The Snoezelen® (pronounced “snoozlin”) Room at KCC is a special place where amazing things happen – the least of which is napping, despite what the name may suggest. Based on a philosophy that promotes sensory stimulation as a method of relaxation and redirection, the multi-sensory environment is specifically designed to provide both calming and engaging opportunities for people of all ages with autism, sensory impairments or disabilities ranging in severity. “At KCC, our Snoezelen Room offers a relaxing and grounding environment that helps reduce anxiety and agitation for some students,” says Karolyn Katz, Occupational Therapist with Kayla’s Children Centre. “While others [...]

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School Partnership for Inclusion

School Partnership for Inclusion September 20, 2019 Kayla’s Children Centre and Netivot HaTorah entered a new and exciting partnership to leverage their close physical proximity (literally, next door to each other) and help close the gap in the Jewish day school system for students whose behavioural, social and emotional needs are beyond the scope of the traditional dual curriculum program. As part of the Joseph and Faye Tanenbaum Satellite Program – special education classrooms hosted in four Jewish day schools in Toronto that cater to children who require small group instruction and therapeutic interventions, while offering integration opportunities within the host school – the new KCC-Netivot model removes barriers and offers [...]

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What A Year!

What A Year! August 22, 2019 July 31 marked Kayla’s Children Centre’s one-year anniversary as the owners of its permanent home at 36 Atkinson Avenue in Thornhill. It’s been quite a year of change and excitement! Thanks to a $1.2 million grant from York Region, KCC has been beautifully upgraded to make it more than just classrooms and hallways. It’s a special place that’s opening up possibilities for our children like never before, with full accessibility, specialized clinic areas and spaces for adapted recreation. Earlier this year, our bright, new sign was installed, serving as a beacon of hope for our families and the community. Building Campaign Update KCC [...]

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A Winning Model for Therapy in the Classroom

A Winning Model for Therapy in Classrooms February 2020 The classrooms at Kayla’s Children Centre aren’t your average classrooms. Yes, there are desks, chairs and chalkboards; play areas and reading centres; computers and assistive learning devices – all the things you would expect in a classroom. But there’s something more. Something you won’t find in most classrooms: A transdisciplinary team of therapists who work alongside every educator to assess and support the needs, goals and development of students with disabilities in order to achieve the greatest individual growth and success. In a brief interview with KCC’s Director of Therapy, Wanda Gascho-White, RP, MTA, Ms White explains how KCC’s model [...]

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