Here is a great boredom busting activity that will give kids a feeling of empowerment by being able to make choices in their daily activities instead of being told. The added benefit: a sense of accomplishment once they have completed the activities. 

Cut out the pictures and sort the activities by category. Fill an empty jar or container with 1 or 2 activity options and label the jar with the category picture for reference. Then have your child choose an activity from the jar. Feel free to exclude any activities you don’t want them to engage in.

You may choose to have a second jar of reinforcers. After your child completes the activities they can choose a rewarding treat/activity. We’ve provided a couple of examples. Feel free to add your own.

Take it one step further, and use the choice board so your child can choose 3-4 activities, tape them on and move from one activity to the next.

Suggestion: Use a timer to help with the more openended activities to keep your child engaged.

Printable Boredom Buster Jar Activity Sheets