The Mayim Aquatic Centre
Elkie Adler Hydrotherapy Pool

The Importance of Hydrotherapy

Swimming is a recreational activity enjoyed by so many, but for people living with disabilities, access to a therapeutic pool provides more than a leisurely pastime, it is a truly life-changing experience. Individuals with physical disabilities are 30% more likely to see their health deteriorate due to lack of movement and exercise. For years, KCC clients were transported to hydrotherapy pools in Toronto and witnessed magic unfold as the children responded to each hydrotherapy session with shrieks of joy as if they were enjoying the freedom of moving independently for the very first time. Bringing a state of the art Hydrotherapy Centre to Vaughan has been a labour of love, knowing that an entire community of people with disabilities will have access to this highly specialized, centre of excellence.

Hydrotherapy Centre Naming Opportunities

Be Part of Something Special

“As our city continues to expand rapidly, it is especially meaningful for business leaders in Vaughan to come together to create this unique project which will greatly enhance the lives of our community’s most vulnerable. As Honorary Chair, I invite friends of Vaughan to be part of the “Mayor’s Circle” with a contribution of $250,000.”
-Hon. Maurizio Bevilacqua, Mayor of Vaughan