Elementary Track

Kayla’s Children Centre’s Elementary track uses evidence-based instructional practices and direct instruction programs to support students in the following areas: phonemic awareness, decoding, reading comprehension, spelling, written expression, mathematics, self regulation, social skills, executive functioning, and group therapies. Our Elementary program supports students in achieving the closest proximity to grade level expectations set out by the Ontario Curriculum. This track is highly academic, providing appropriate accommodations and modifications as required for students in grades SK-8. 

Our classes are composed of a general studies teacher, Judaics teacher, instructor therapist, and/or educational assistant. Our elementary classes are capped at 10 students which ensures small group learning, while simultaneously providing our students with a peer group that supports and fosters social interactions and building friendships. The staff to student ratio is usually 1:3. Students in this track do not require the same level as support as our FAST and SKILLS tracks. Classroom placement is most often determined by age and academic ability, however social and behavioural needs are also taken into consideration when placing students in their homeroom classes. The day consists of small group learning and encourages one on one support when learning new skills. 

The Elementary track IEP’s work towards grade level expectations that are based on the Ontario curriculum. While instructional strategies may vary from teacher to teacher when introducing new skills, they all follow the gradual release of responsibility progression, namely, modelled practice, shared practice, guided practice, and independent practice. This model promotes scaffolding and ultimately leads to independent learners. 

Our teachers have the knowledge and training to select the most appropriate literacy/math programs, strategies and approaches. We may use Reading Recovery strategies, Orton Gillingham methods, Language for Learning, CAFE, The Daily Five, IXL, Jump Math, among other programs and methodologies. 

Partnering with Netivot Hatorah has greatly enhanced our integration program, which is an essential component of our Elementary track. The ultimate goal for our students is to integrate whenever possible, whether it be in non-academic subject areas such as art, music, and phys-ed, or core subjects such as literary, math, and science. 

Enhancing our students’ learning through technology opens up many doors and leads the way to creating opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Using digital communication tools, online learning platforms, and assistive technology empowers our students and allows them to access age appropriate material and curriculum resources. Our classrooms are equipped with Smart TVs, ChromeBooks, laptops and iPads, ensuring our students leave KCC as tech savvy learners.