Where & When
Thursdays at 7pm
36 Atkinson Ave.
November 17 – December 15 (5 weeks)
$250 per family

Does your child repeat phrases out of context, speak in the third person, or mix up pronouns? Do they seem to be learning to communicate in chunks or scripts rather than single words?

There’s a chance they might be a gestalt processor. Join us to learn all about what that means for you and your child.

This workshop is for parents of children who are likely gestalt processors. The goal of the workshop is to provide some background on gestalt as well as some tips and strategies for enhancing speech with your child.

Characteristics of gestalt processors:
• Use of long scripts
• “Movie talk” (e.g., quoting movies, tv, Youtube)
• Often very musical (singing or humming familiar songs)
• Unintelligible strings of language with rich intonation
• Language isn’t developing beyond prompted phrases
• Immediate and delayed echolalia
• Pronoun reversal (saying “you” when they mean “I” or “me”)
• Single words – non-referential

Workshop Overview

Session 1: Foundational information and background/theory of gestalt processing; explaining definitions, research, stages of development.
Home activity: Take note of your parent-child interaction style and your child’s reaction to it. Try to modify your interaction to include more comments and less questions.

Session 2: Communicative functions and means – The whys and ways of communication. Learning to interpret nonverbal communication to identify what your child is trying to communicate; more details about how to model gestalts.
Home activity: Identify what your child is trying to communicate (functions) and how they are trying to get their message across (means). Practice acknowledging your child’s communication, no matter what form it takes.

Session 3: How to model for the first stage of gestalt language development; come up with gestalts to model in specific situations. How to facilitate spontaneous language; how to obtain and score language sample.
Home activity: Model the chosen gestalts. Obtain spontaneous language sample and start to score.

Session 4: Review language samples; work in small groups to review each others’ language samples and scoring; discuss any difficulties with facilitating spontaneous language. How to model for Stages 2, 3, and 4; how to determine which stage the child is in and when to start modelling for the next stage.
Home activity: Record an interaction between you and your child. Continue modelling the chosen gestalts.

Session 5: Review recordings; discuss strategies used and provide feedback. Group discussion: How did it go with modelling gestalts? How did it feel to alter your interaction style? Reaction/response from the child? Troubleshooting and next steps.

Gestalt Workshop for Parents

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