One School; 5 Unique Tracks

What began as an early intervention centre in 2017 has since developed into a dynamic day-school program servicing students of varying abilities, from Nursery through Grade 12. Given the considerable increase in both number of students and range of abilities, this past year we recognized the need to diversify our day school program into five distinct educational streams, allowing us to target specific, individual needs within each population.

Preschool Track

Elementary Track

Skills Track

F.A.S.T. Track

Satellite Program

We undertook a widespread upgrade of two key areas of school intervention:
Technology Usage & Assessment Resources

Upgraded mobile smart TVs were purchased and resources such as writing aids, prediction text and voice technology were added to the current roster of teaching tools. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic and the sudden suspension of in-person programming magnified the critical need for our students to be proficient in technology usage.

Investing in the most up-to-date and innovative assessment tools enabled our staff of clinical professionals to accurately gauge and monitor each child’s progress and success,  while leveraging precise and meaningful data to support the independent education plans for each student.

KCC Therapy Clinic

From the outset, our guiding vision has been for KCC to evolve into a comprehensive, one-stop shop for families of children with disabilities. Recognizing the high-caliber professional therapy staff and wealth of resources concentrated in the Centre as an asset to the community at large, the Therapy Clinic was established just as lockdown measures eased in July. Following months of loss in vital intervention resulting in significant developmental setbacks, parents were desperate to get their children back to in-person therapy and the KCC clinic has responded to the overwhelming need. A particular source of pride was the acquisition of the Canadian Medek Centre, allowing us to offer critical infant intervention in addition to our already full roster of PT, SLP, OT and ABA services.

Leveraging KCC’s state-of-the-art facility and trans-disciplinary approach to targeted, effective interventions has proven to be of enormous benefit to the community at large, as increasing numbers of children with a widening range of disability are able to access services that directly improve their quality of life.

Supporting our Village in Isolation

  • Virtual Educational and Therapy Program

  • In-Home Support

  • Upgraded Technology

  • Adapted Technology and Equipment Loaning Initiative

When the Covid-19 lock-down forced us to close our doors in March, KCC families were suddenly thrust into a worst-case scenario of single-handedly managing the challenges of caring for their special needs child, without the village of support so integral to their daily functioning. Well, we were determined that nothing would stop us in supporting our families. Inspired by the grit and perseverance our children display on a day-to-day basis, we resolved to mobilize crucial services that would enable our families to withstand the enormous difficulties faced in the long, solitary months ahead.

In true KCC boldness, we established the only in-home personal support program in the province. Each student was provided with a fully packed and engaging daily virtual schedule, individualized resources and most importantly- a 1:1 staff in their home to provide support in caring for the child’s needs and respite for parents. Countless deliveries of technology, adapted bikes, mobility equipment and communication devices ensured every single KCC child could be supported to the greatest extent possible.

The Summer That Almost Wasn’t…

Following months of tenacious advocacy and unprecedented devotion on behalf of KCC families, we were able to offer our families the unthinkable. Arguably our greatest accomplishment in the midst of a worldwide pandemic was our re-opening at the end of June to welcome our children back to a full-scale, on-site Summer Camp. With the green light given, we pulled off the impossible- a full summer of therapy, theme days, staff training and memories, with generous subsidies offered to parents given the financial difficulties imposed by the pandemic. Our Camp 18 program was the only adaptive summer camp for children with disabilities that operated in-person in the GTA. While the world struggled to maintain it’s balance, we were thus able to provide our families with an island of respite and reassurance, proving that even a worldwide pandemic couldn’t keep us from being there for the families that struggle the most.

Fundraising and Events

The photos tell a story of a time when hundreds of people packed into the ROM to applaud our children on the runway at the Fashion show in September of 2019. As that not-so-distant memory faded into a pandemic-style fundraising landscape it seemed that the days of exhilarating and meaningful social events would be over for the foreseeable future.

Our supporters proved us wrong.

The August Ride for KCC brought together DOUBLE the number of annual cyclists and as bikes hit the pavement in support of our children, the triumph was all ours. As the only charity ride in the city that was not cancelled due to Covid-19, we gained new friends and supporters eager to share in that victory, and together with our steadfast community of champions & supporters, we raised crucial funds that would enable us to continue to provide support, opportunity, and love to the most vulnerable children in our community.

KCC by the Numbers

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Board of Directors

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Hadassah Slater – Co- Chair
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Shiran Brener
Gerald Greenberg
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