In the field of pediatric therapy, one is bound to come across professionals who are compassionate, caring and exceptionally dedicated. This is the story of how one woman made it her life’s mission to give thousands of children the gift of a first step.

In 1992, Ester Fink, a well-known pediatric physiotherapist, was treating a baby named Guitti who was visiting Toronto from Caracas, Venezuela. Impressed by the baby’s dramatic improvement in motor function, Ester learned that this child was also being treated intensively back home in Caracas. This is how Ester found out about the MEDEK method and Mr. Ramon Cuevas, the physiotherapist who developed this intervention. Intrigued, Ester decided to fly out to Caracas to visit Ramon and learn from him directly. Immediately upon her return, she began implementing the specialized techniques in her clinic and at Zareinu, where she was already working as part of the early intervention team.

“We came to Toronto in search of a better life for my youngest daughter, Guitti, and it was here that Guitti took her first steps at the age of 7. It ended up being Guitti who opened the door for MEDEK to be shared with this side of the world” says Chaya Perman. Her daughter, now aged 30 adds, “ I often wonder why I had to have CP and why everything is more challenging for me, the one thing I always remember is that because of my struggles, hundreds of children are walking today. And that thought brings me joy.”

Ester’s worldwide travels, teaching and treating children has taken her to many countries around the globe including the United States, Israel, France, UK, Australia, Hong Kong, Mexico and Poland. “ I arrived in Toronto in 2005 for an intensive training course that changed my career. I have since had my entire team of therapists continue training and the ripple effect has helped hundreds of children in Perth, the other side of the world!” Says Triston Hunter, Australia

Over the last 27 years the Canadian MEDEK Center has been witness to the tears of joy that many parents have shed as their child has taken their first steps. Ask any of the clinic parent to describe the gift of movement and they will tell you of the Dr’s dire predictions and how Ester urged them not to give up on the idea of independence for their child. “Off the charts” is how one mother recounts her son’s cardiology team’s summary of his stunning recovery, the likes of which were not predicted even in a best-case scenario.

Ester had been treating her clients with professionalism and expertise for over 3 decades. Although demand for Ester’s treatment could have easily filled her hours, she has always made time for the children at Zareinu, and now KCC. For two mornings each week, Ester works in our infant intervention program bringing hope to parents of recently diagnosed babies and mentoring the physiotherapists at KCC.

In true Ester fashion, she has made a decision that will allow her to expand her reach and continue the Medek treatment and training right here at KCC. As of November 2020, the Canadian Medek Centre will officially move into Kayla’s Children Centre. Ester, along with her team of dedicated therapists will continue the legacy of excellence of MEDEK/CME as well as a wide range of physiotherapy treatment options for children with movement disorders under the KCC umbrella.