Preschool Program

The preschool program at KCC is a play-based program combining therapeutic interventions, skill acquisition and preacademic learning strategies.

The nursery program is usually the first away-from-home experience for most students and the warm and loving staff ensure the transition is smooth and supportive.

The program focuses on language and experiences as students explore in an open ended and child-directed manner. The highly repetitive and stimulating activities are planned to foster a love of learning and a high level of success as early learners.

Activities are hands on and aligned with therapy goals as directed by the classroom therapy team. The multidisciplinary approach and integration of occupational therapy, speech and language, physiotherapy and music ensures lessons are reinforced in multiple modalities simultaneously.

Preliteracy and numeracy skills are embedded in the routines and activities throughout the day. This includes counting toys during cleanup to encourage rote counting, chanting nursery rhymes to develop phonemic awareness and engaging read-alouds to introduce print awareness. Facilitated peer interactions and shared problem solving encourage children to develop critical thinking and social skills.

The Judaic program introduces children to the songs, language and concepts of Jewish themes through mini lessons, skill based crafts and hands on centers. Daily prayer is an active and much loved beginning of the day. The weekly paragraph and holidays are introduced at an age appropriate level with a focus on integrating pre-academic skills.

As students transition into the JK program there is a stronger focus on school readiness skills such as attending to group instruction, task completion, and following the rules and routines of a classroom.

The preschool team includes a lead teacher, Judaic teacher (morah) Registered ECE, educational assistants and personal support workers.

Students are assessed at the start of the year to develop appropriate IEP goals which then drives instruction. Center based learning, a major component in the preschool day, allows for highly individualized and adapted materials, instruction and access for all learners.

We recognize that explicit instruction is beneficial for some students even at a young age. Small group learning and 1:1 instruction is incorporated into the daily routine to maximize on learning opportunities.