School Clinical Services

The clinical team at Kayla’s Children Centre is made up of professional therapists who are well known for their skill and experience.
Therapies are integrated into each student’s personal schedule in various ways.

Push In

Therapists support the classroom teacher and educational assistants by providing ongoing consultation within the room. Therapists conduct ongoing assessment to ensure skills worked on individually are generalized in the classroom setting. Therapists will provide support during naturalistic opportunities which eases in achievement of new skills.

Pull Out

Students work 1:1 with the therapists to learn a new skill and to complete assessments. This service is free of charge to students under 4. For JK students and up, CCAC funding is used to allow for pull out therapies.  Parents can opt to buy in for extra hours of services at highly subsidized rates.


Small groups of students working on similar goals work with the therapists in a stimulating group. This model is especially effective for children who are motivated by their peers. Often this is run as a multi- disciplinary session allowing several therapists to work with the students at once.

ABA Therapy

The classrooms at KCC use evidence-based approaches at all levels of education, therapy, and behaviour. The principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) are incorporated into every child’s day and are used for both skill acquisition and behaviour management. Experienced ABA trained Instructor Therapists are part of each classrooms team. The Classroom IT is instrumental in setting up the classroom for success – with positive reinforcement systems, visuals, and daily schedules. The Classroom IT also runs small group activities such as social skills, emotional regulation, and does some individualized instruction.

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Occupational therapy

Music therapy

speech &
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behavioural therapy

social work