The SKILLS track at KCC is designed to maximize students’ learning using an individualized approach to teaching. After an initial assessment and consultation with parents, the students’ programs are developed based on their unique skills and abilities. Learning happens in small groups of 2 to 3 students who are grouped according their needs and learning styles. Students who require a higher level of support are also able receive that in this program.

Using a differentiated approach to teaching, a learning plan is created for each student and shared with the entire team. The goals for students in this program will include: academic skills, life skills, independent skills, social skills, and other functional living skills. Many of the goals are taught in a discrete learning style with data collection and evidence-based practice playing a large role in the teaching. Data collection is ongoing to ensure that goals are successfully met and to recognize if any changes need to be made.

While students in the SKILLS track may require a higher level of support at the classroom level, independence is one of our main goals. Students will be taught how to be independent in the classroom as well as in the community. Therapy groups happen in the classroom so that the goals can be generalized and practiced throughout the school day.