Social Skills Group

What are “Social Skills”?

Social skills groups are geared for children who have some foundational skills in attending and learning but struggle in applying their skills to a group setting or who struggle with self-regulation and flexibility. The goal of the groups is for students to learn pro-social behaviours in a small group setting.

Groups are arranged in 6-week sessions with 12 lessons in each session block (either bi-weekly or for a 2 hour session). Groups are geared to children 5-7 years old and 8-11 years old. Skills will be tracked and monitored as the group progresses.

1) Zones of Regulation:

The Zones of Regulation curriculum is for children who struggle with self-regulation including emotions, anger management, and impulse control.
The goals of this group are:
• Children will be able to label different emotions and the corresponding behaviours
• Children will use language of “red zone”, “yellow zone” and “green zone” to label their emotions and related behaviour
• Children will be able to identify their personal triggers that could trigger them to move into the yellow/red zone
• Children will be able to choose appropriate strategies and practice using them to regulate their behaviour and emotions
• Children will learn thinking strategies such as Size of the Problem and Superflex vs Rock Brain
• Children will practice applying their strategies to real-life situations

2) Social Thinking:

The Social Thinking curriculum is for children who struggle with understanding how their thoughts and actions make other people think and feel.  It works on understanding others’ perspectives and increasing behaviours that make others have positive thoughts about us.

Topics covered:
• Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings
• The Group Plan
• Thinking with Your Eyes
• Body in the group
• Whole Body Listening
• The Hidden Rules and Expected and Unexpected Behaviours
• Smart Guess
• Flexible and Stuck Thinking
• Size of the Problem
• Sharing an Imagination

3) Superflex:

Children will have the opportunity to learn and practice skills to improve their “Superflex powers”. Using the heroes and villains created in the Superflex curriculum, students will learn how to apply skills such as regulation and flexibility to real-life situations.

Topics covered:
• Self-regulation toward behaviour change
• Social emotional learning
• Distractibility
• Having big reactions to small problems
• Strategies for thinking about others

4) Co-Operative Play:

In this group, children will learn positive, pro-social techniques and strategies and apply them in a small group setting with peers.

Topics covered:
• Problem solving
• Listening to opinions of others
• Tolerates losing
• Handling disagreements

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