Spelling Colours

This series of short videos are a great way to learn and practice spelling colours. Listen to the song. Find the colour. Find the first letter of the colour you're looking at. Practice the letter sound and the name. Spell the word. Write the word. Read the word. Start with R-E-D and make your way through to B-L-A-C-K https://youtu.be/sMfkODJw30M https://youtu.be/xTus18ko370 https://youtu.be/dkcICPEQVaY https://youtu.be/I6ILheTtuq4 https://youtu.be/AwaXtyROZZk https://youtu.be/SnmKjg3fmNY https://youtu.be/o47o3b06-Xg

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Grade 1 & 2 Literacy: ‘At’ Word Family

Join Ms Kelly for a short literacy lesson focused on the 'at' word family. Download the worksheets and follow along. Word Family at - Teacher_Version Word Family Practice Sheet and Word List 3.1 Word Family Practice Sheet and Word List 3.2

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Boredom Buster Jar

Here is a great boredom busting activity that will give kids a feeling of empowerment by being able to make choices in their daily activities instead of being told. The added benefit: a sense of accomplishment once they have completed the activities.  Cut out the pictures and sort the activities by category. Fill an empty jar or container with 1 or 2 activity options and label the jar with the category picture for reference. Then have your child choose an activity from the jar. Feel free to exclude any activities you don’t want them to engage in. You may choose to have a second jar of reinforcers. After your child completes the activities they can choose a rewarding treat/activity. We've [...]

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Earth Day 2020

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, a day dedicated to stoping climate change and learning ways to protect the environment. For KCC's Grade 2-4 class, this day fits into one of the BRANCHES OF SCIENCE they've been studying all year. Can you guess which one? That's right, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE, defined in class as the study of the EARTH and what we can do to take care of it. Earlier this year, grade 2-4 students started a school-wide recycling project. The goal was to learn all about recycling and develop a recycling program to teach the staff and students about the importance of recycling and then [...]

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JK Math Lesson: Counting to Five

Join KCC's nursery/JK teacher Esti and Pat in a guided online lesson combining learning time with singing and story time focused on the numbers 1 to 5

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Alphabet Flash Cards

A perfect activity for Grades 1 and 2: Practice naming the letters of the alphabet and their sounds. Download the printable Alphabet Flash Cards and cut into squares. Try these activities or make up your own:  Match the upper case to lower case letters  Play a memory match game  Sort the letters by different features (letters that are tall, short, have tails, etc.)  Come up with words that start with each letter  See how many words start with each letter on a page in a favourite book 

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Journal of Distance Learning Days

The COVID-19 pandemic is a once-in-a-generation experience the likes of which we hope to never face again. Adina Dan created a great journaling tool to help your child document their distance learning experiences and what's happening in society, so that one day they can share this bit of history with their children and grandchildren. It may also help them make sense of what's happening and calm their fears and anxiety. Download Printable PDF - My Coronavirus Experience

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Branches of Science

KCC students have been studying the BRANCHES OF SCIENCE with our science teacher, Scott. Here's a great activity to help children learn about the different BRANCHES OF SCIENCES. Download the colouring pages in our Branches of Science Definitions and Diagrams package and use them to learn the name of the branch of study and its definition. Practice giving the definition when presented with the name of the study then practice giving the name of the study when presented with the definition. Have fun! Branches of Science Definitions and Diagrams Branches of Science Crossword

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UPDATE: June 1, 2020  At our townhall meeting I said I’d wait for mid July to decide on overnight retreat. I truly held onto a shred of hope that since we only take up a small number of campers and since we aren’t really an overnight camp, we’d find some creative way to make it happen in some shape or form. We toyed with the idea of a shorter trip, less kids, lots of restrictions. We spoke to family camps that opened and then it hit us. Click here to read the full letter. UPDATE: June 8, 2020  Ever since our announcement last week about Summer Camp [...]

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