Mental Health Week 2020

May 5, 2020 Temima Cohen, M.S.W., R.S.W. KCC Social Worker ---- So much has changed in our lives since the COVID-19 global pandemic began. Life is not the same.  An increased threat to our physical well-being, our children homeschooling while many of us try to work from home, financial loss, and not being able to socially connect with friends and family are taking a tremendous toll on all of us. So much change to our daily lives can bring on added stress and wreak havoc on our mental state. I am stressed. I am feeling overwhelmed. I am sad. These are normal feelings that we all experience at some [...]

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Speech and Language Activity: Ten Apples Up On Top

Elana from KCC's Speech Department models appropriate language including speech sounds, grammar and semantic (vocabulary) concepts during a reading of the Dr. Seuss Classic Ten Apples Up On Top. Download the Printables that accompany the recording for extra visual support and additional activities: Printable version of book Communication picture boards - level 1 and level 2 Apple-Number Matching Game Apple-Number Pointing Activity Bingo Marker Animal Activity - level 1 and level 2 Number Tracing Activity Apple Cutout Sheet (use apples as manipulatives during or after book reading)

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KCC’s Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

March 31, 2020 The COVID-19 crisis has been the single greatest challenge Kayla's Children Centre has ever faced in serving children with special needs and who are medically fragile. The complete removal of, or lack of access to KCC’s services would have been detrimental to many families. Fortunately, the organization has been deemed an essential workplace and can continue to operate under legislated exemptions to support families and help mitigate risk, setbacks and loss of skills as a result of the school and therapy clinic closure. Most students continue to learn and receive therapy virtually, through Google Classrooms, Zoom lessons, and telehealth sessions. There are some who are not [...]

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Using Visual Schedules to Create Predictability and Routine

March 26, 2020 Being able to follow a schedule is an important skill for every child and can be more challenging for children with special needs. At KCC visual schedules are used everyday as an effective tool in developing this skill in students of all ages and abilities. Now more than ever, predictability and routine are important in getting kids (and ourselves!) through an uncertain time. Click here to download a visual schedule that you can use at home to help create structure and ease anxiety that may develop due to changes in expectations and routines. Why use a visual schedule? A visual schedule will let your child know [...]

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UPDATE: June 1, 2020  At our townhall meeting I said I’d wait for mid July to decide on overnight retreat. I truly held onto a shred of hope that since we only take up a small number of campers and since we aren’t really an overnight camp, we’d find some creative way to make it happen in some shape or form. We toyed with the idea of a shorter trip, less kids, lots of restrictions. We spoke to family camps that opened and then it hit us. Click here to read the full letter. UPDATE: June 8, 2020  Ever since our announcement last week about Summer Camp [...]

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Making the Everyday Possible

Making the Everyday Possible October 31, 2019 Kayla’s Children Centre (KCC) prides itself as a one-stop resource for families of children with special needs, providing cutting-edge education, therapy, recreation and respite programs all in our newly renovated state-of-the-art facility in Thornhill, Ontario. KCC's team of therapists comprises speech and language pathologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, behavioural therapists and music therapists who work closely with classroom and camp staff to ensure therapeutic interventions are embedded throughout the day. Paediatric occupational therapists (OTs) help children with different abilities develop skills to perform activities that make up everyday life such as play, self-help, motor and sensory processing skills, eating and printing. KCC's team of [...]

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