Using Visual Schedules to Create Predictability and Routine

March 26, 2020 Being able to follow a schedule is an important skill for every child and can be more challenging for children with special needs. At KCC visual schedules are used everyday as an effective tool in developing this skill in students of all ages and abilities. Now more than ever, predictability and routine are important in getting kids (and ourselves!) through an uncertain time. Click here to download a visual schedule that you can use at home to help create structure and ease anxiety that may develop due to changes in expectations and routines. Why use a visual schedule? A visual schedule will let your child know [...]

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Little snoozing in the Snoezelen Room

Little Snoozing in the Snoezelen Room September 2, 2019 The Snoezelen® (pronounced “snoozlin”) Room at KCC is a special place where amazing things happen – the least of which is napping, despite what the name may suggest. Based on a philosophy that promotes sensory stimulation as a method of relaxation and redirection, the multi-sensory environment is specifically designed to provide both calming and engaging opportunities for people of all ages with autism, sensory impairments or disabilities ranging in severity. “At KCC, our Snoezelen Room offers a relaxing and grounding environment that helps reduce anxiety and agitation for some students,” says Karolyn Katz, Occupational Therapist with Kayla’s Children Centre. “While others [...]

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A Winning Model for Therapy in the Classroom

A Winning Model for Therapy in Classrooms February 2020 The classrooms at Kayla’s Children Centre aren’t your average classrooms. Yes, there are desks, chairs and chalkboards; play areas and reading centres; computers and assistive learning devices – all the things you would expect in a classroom. But there’s something more. Something you won’t find in most classrooms: A transdisciplinary team of therapists who work alongside every educator to assess and support the needs, goals and development of students with disabilities in order to achieve the greatest individual growth and success. In a brief interview with KCC’s Director of Therapy, Wanda Gascho-White, RP, MTA, Ms White explains how KCC’s model [...]

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