Jewish Day School

Our school integrates therapeutic interventions and individualized educational programs for children with developmental and learning disabilities. Prospective students do not need a formal diagnosis or referral to access school services.

Therapy Clinic

Our clinic provides a child-centric, multidisciplinary approach to paediatric care. We offer: physiotherapy, occupational therapy, ABA, speech therapy, music therapy, hydrotherapy, early intervention for infants not meeting milestones, and more. Our team of experts will assess your child’s needs and develop an individualized care plan that addresses all areas of development.

Support Our Centre

Support Our Centre

There are many ways to support Kayla’s Children Centre, each one valuable to the work we do. Whether you invest your time or your money, every contribution is important and helps us continue to provide vital programs and services that empower children of all abilities to reach their true potential.


Over 300 families serviced


4 unique educational tracks


152 professional


One stop for all your family’s needs

“I’m so grateful to have found KCC’s infant program. I enjoyed coming and felt really supported as a new mom and new disability parent. The staff were so supportive and non-judgemental; they never made me feel guilty for how my daughter was reacting to therapy…the program is thoughtfully designed and tailored to each child’s specific needs. I feel fortunate to have found KCC.”

Elianna’s mom

“Our family’s bright future hasn’t always been so secure. Our daughter’s first four years were filled with so many milestones unachieved. The tantrums, the lack of engagement, the lack of progress… And then we found Kayla’s Children Centre, and everything fell into place. Every morning, she has a big smile on her face. She is welcomed at KCC with love, understanding, and expectation. She is part of a community and is advancing both academically and socially. She is happy at school—but KCC is so much more than that. It is camps. It is social clubs. It is outings. It is life.”

Ilse’s mom

“I love the sibling program because it’s fun but I also met other people who can understand what it’s like to have a sibling with special needs. I know I’m not alone and I like what the school does to help my brother”

Yosef’s sister, age 9