Prospective students do not need a formal diagnosis or referral to access school services. We encourage parents to apply if their child is two or more years below grade level in areas such as academic, social-emotional, or physical development.

KCC welcomes children of all needs and abilities. School placement priority will be given to members of the Jewish community. Non-Jewish families who wish to apply will be placed on a waiting list and encouraged to seek support and services through our therapy clinic.

1. Intake Meeting

Come meet with us to discuss the various school programs and services offered. Learn more about the philosophy at Kayla’s Children Centre and the supports provided for the whole family. Visit the Centre and see if this is a good fit for your child.

2. Application Process

Following the intake meeting, an application packet is sent to the prospective parent. Online and paper copies are available. Our social worker can assist in filling out the forms as well as accessing funding applications.

3. In-Class Trial Week

Students enrolling for September are advised to join a KCC recreation program prior to September. Summer camp is an ideal way to get to know new students. An observation in the student’s current setting is also recommended.

4. Meeting and Registration

Following the week trial, a parent meeting is recommended to discuss student placement, therapy supports and to complete the registration process.

5. Individual Educational Plan

Each student at Kayla’s Children Centre recieves an IEP written by the teacher and therapists which lists the academic, social, and therapeutic goals as well as the strategies and accomodations for the student to achieve them.