Our school integrates therapeutic interventions and individualized educational programs for children with developmental and learning disabilities. Prospective students do not need a formal diagnosis or referral to access school services. We encourage parents to apply if their child is two or more years below grade level in areas such as academic, social-emotional, or physical development.

KCC welcomes children of all needs and abilities. School placement priority will be given to members of the Jewish community. Non-Jewish families who wish to apply will be placed on a waiting list and encouraged to seek support and services through our therapy clinic.

Infant & Toddler Early Intervention

0 – 2 YEARS

Why choose between therapies for your baby when you can get all 4? OT, PT, music, and SLP—all in one intensive program! Join us for a 10-week early intervention therapy program for children ages 0-2. Contact us for a free intake meeting to determine if this program is right for your child.

Preschool Program


The Preschool Program is a highly stimulating, play-based environment full of rich learning opportunities. Children have access to a full therapy schedule and group therapies are built into the curriculum. This program operates as a licensed child care centre.

Elementary Track


Kayla’s Children Centre’s Elementary track uses evidence-based instructional practices and direct instruction programs to support students in the following areas: phonemic awareness, decoding, reading comprehension, spelling, written expression, mathematics, self regulation, social skills, executive functioning, and group therapies.

Skills Track


The Skills track is designed to maximize students’ learning using an individualized approach to teaching. After an initial assessment and consultation with parents, the students’ programs will be developed based on their unique skills and abilities. Learning will happen in small groups of 2 to 3 students which are grouped according their needs and learning styles. Students who require a higher level of support can also receive that in this program.

Applied Track


The Applied track offers students the ability to learn academic skills with a higher level of support and smaller group learning. While the Applied classes follow the standard curriculum as closely as possible, the focus is on choosing the academic skills that will be functional for each student. The emphasis is on laying the foundational building blocks for academics and social skills in order to create a positive learning experience.


Our Administrators are always available to discuss which academic track is the right fit for your child.